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A global community of artists and illustrators for connection, collaboration & creative inspiration.

Why join?

Inkygoodness Collective is a global creative community to support and develop artists and creative businesses.

Our membership platform invites you to join a community of artists and illustrators for connection, collaboration and creative inspiration. Expect access to free workshops, group sessions, industry mentoring, online events, digital resources, discounts on our courses, and the opportunity to submit your work for future exhibitions curated by Inkygoodness. 

We can't wait to get you on board!

Who are we?

Inkygoodness is a global community focused on connecting, inspiring and developing artists and creative businesses. Founded in 2010, Inkygoodness curate events and exhibitions, host regular design talks, run courses, workshops and coaching programmes for emerging and professional creatives. With a focus on personal and professional development for artists and illustrators, Inkygoodness is committed to engaging with emerging talent, sharing knowledge, offering support and cultivating a creative community for artists and illustrators to connect and thrive.

Why we love it

"Inkygoodness group coaching was like an adrenaline shot to my illustration career and really catapulted me in the right direction! I put systems in place to support my routine, mental and physical wellbeing and also focused on my short and long term goals and made steps to working towards them each day, be it just posting on Instagram or a regular basis or reaching out to a dream client.

Lynn Bremner, Melbourne

"I love the sense of community,  I’ve made some good friends and connections. I love that everybody understands that there is a space for everybody in this industry, and we all here to support and learn from each other."
Andrea Davalos, Prague

"It’s been amazing to connect with many different artists around the world, which wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t a member. It’s great to watch talks by some of my favourite creators too. Taking part in creative challenges has taken me in directions I wouldn’t have considered otherwise!" 
— Maciek Łazowski, Warsaw

"There’s no end to things to learn in the creative business and it’s essential to connect with artists locally in Helsinki and internationally inside the Inkygoodness community. I get to spend time with likeminded people and have the collegiate support that I think as a freelancer, would be impossible to do without."
— Ville Salvero, Helsinki

Member perks →

Start with a 3-day free trial (Then just £129.99 / year or £24.99 / month):

● Expert workshops & events

● Group community sessions to connect

● 1:1 matches with other illustrators

● Exclusive interviews 

● Creative opportunities 

● Ask me Anything sessions

● Free events, workshops & talks 

● Member spotlight 

● Exclusive offers, discounts & freebies!

● Access to our free resources hub 

● Annual exhibition curated by Inkygoodness